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I’m a geeky dad. Or at least, I will be a geeky dad in February 2009. This blog is my public forum for sharing my bumbling adventures into fatherhood. We can walk through this thing together, you and I. Along the way, I’ll talk about what catches my eye in the news, share the latest rumors about all things Apple, discuss the latest in baby tech, and pretty much anything else that captures my attention.

I’ll also use this site to share pictures and video with friends and family around the country. Why send a dozen pics a day by email when you all can come here to see them? Plus, I’ll add video and other bonuses as we go along.

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I’m Allen. I’m a professional writer/editor currently residing in Nashville, TN, where I work for radio and TV personality Dave Ramsey. I’ve been blessed with an amazing wife, a dream job, and now, our first child who is due in February ’09. Life is good.

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