Abby: Walking and Dancing!

Abby’s had a huge week. Yesterday, she started walking a little bit. She started with one step, repeated that two more times, and then busted out three steps in a row! That’s awesome to watch.

We’ve also noticed that she’s started dancing around a bit to music. That’s actually pretty cool. She has a little play table that plays a lot of different songs, and sometimes the music takes her away!

We caught some good stuff on video today, edited down to the best 1:11. Enjoy!


4 Responses to Abby: Walking and Dancing!

  1. Grandma M says:

    The last part with her asleep on her toy is hilarious! Poor tired baby! So exciting to see her walking. And the fancy footwork is awesome – what a little dancer she is!

  2. ebrown says:

    Dude, time is flyyyyyying. She is getting so big. Hang in there “Dad” you’re doing great.

  3. Grandma M says:

    Hey! We need some new stuff on here!! It’s been since November!! You’re slacking, Man!!

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