Abby Standing Around

Abby is blowing us away with what all she’s learning and the pace at which she’s picking things up. It seems like she’ll do something for the first time on one day, and then totally master it by the next day. Having just turned seven months, she’s been speed crawling for a week or two now, and she has started pulling herself up on furniture. I imagine she’s only days away from “cruising” side to side on the sofa. Here’s a video I got this morning of her standing around at the sofa. Notice the slight showing off as she takes one hand off, turns around to me, and says “Da Da.”

Yes, that’s what she said. No, she hasn’t associated that with me so far. But it’s coming. I feel it.


2 Responses to Abby Standing Around

  1. Jill says:

    OMG…how adorable!!!! I can’t believe that she is already pulling up. Next she’ll be in high school. Believe me, I know. Look at Kirsten & Kyle!!

  2. Grandma M says:

    You could just see her little mind thinking about walking over to you! It won’t be long until she decides she WILL try to walk over to you. What an amazing little girl she is. xo

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