Abby Loves Her Feet!

UPDATE: The video was accidentally marked “private” in YouTube. I’ve fixed it now. If you tried unsuccessfully to view the view, try again. It’s working now. Sorry!

Not only has Abby recently (almost) mastered the art of sitting up unassisted, she’s also accomplished a long-time goal: putting her feet in her mouth. Bored with inserting ALL FIVE FINGERS in her mouth at the same time, she’s now moved on to sticking her entire foot in there.

Maryalice caught her on video perfecting her form. It looks like she’s been studying how the cats clean their toes. It’s pretty disgusting, actually…


One Response to Abby Loves Her Feet!

  1. Maryalice says:

    Wow, that is some supurb video taking there. Always nice to have a fall back in case the stay-at-home thing doesn’t work out.

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