The Incredible Abby!

So, as a comic geek, this makes me laugh. My wife and I have been amazed at our daughter’s growth. As of her month four doc appointment, Abby is in the 90th percentile in height and weight. Now at five months, she’s already been wearing six month clothes for a while.

This morning when Maryalice went in to get her out of bed, she noticed something peculiar. Overnight, Abby had stolen a dramatic move from the Incredible Hulk’s playbook. Her giant baby feet broke through the booties of her footie pajamas!

If there was ever a time when I wished I had a high speed camera pointed at Abby at all times, this is it! The thought of the seams popping and fabric ripping as her toes and heel forced their way out of their confinement cracks me up.

And somewhere, Bill Bixby is smiling.


2 Responses to The Incredible Abby!

  1. Grandma M says:

    That certainly would have been funny to see! However, it is not funny that we haven’t seen the 4 month pictures of Abby and her rolling over video yet! Waaahhh! I just KNOW there’s some great cuteness I have yet to view!!

  2. Aunt Jill says:

    I bet that would have been awesome to see. I, however, do fell the same as Abby’s Grandma M!!! We need pictures & would love to see new video. There are no 4 month or 5 month old pics. BRING ON THE PICS & VIDEO!!!

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