iPhone Mania!

Time for another Apple fanboy confession. This past Monday, I put myself in a total news blackout as I do on the day of every Apple keynote address. I lock myself away in my office all day, change my IM status to “Media Blackout–Don’t Tell Me About Apple Announcements,” and walk quickly through the halls trying to avoid any geeky conversations. Why? It’s because I like to watch the video of the keynote address later that night, after Apple posts it online, with the wide-eyed wonder of the blissfully uninformed.

I love watching the Apple keynotes unfold. Since I’m not into sports, this is my Super Bowl. You wouldn’t want to watch the big game after you find out the outcome, right? That’s why I never want to know the Apple keynote news early. I’d rather watch it fresh myself.

So this week, I watched the keynote and got the low-down on what Apple wants me to spend my money on this year.

As an added bonus, the geeky baby watched it with me. We kicked back at my

Geeky dad and baby bonding over the Apple keynote.

Geeky dad and baby bonding over the Apple keynote.

desk and watched the video on my computer while the geeky mom laughed at us. Silly Maryalice. Abby and I know what we’re doing. This is important stuff, and prime father-daughter bonding!

As expected, they unveiled the new iPhone, a modest, yet somewhat significant upgrade to the iPhone 3G that was sitting on my desk beside me. I went to bed that night impressed with the new feature set, but not convinced it would be worth the money.

The most compelling upgrade for me, as a new geeky dad, was the improved camera with auto-focus and, of course, video. Having a decent video camera on me wherever I go is a big selling point, especially with a four-month-old daughter who’s starting to do revolutionarily cool things every day. But was that alone worth the cash?

Yes. But only if I could do it within my own stringent financial requirements.

The next day, my current iPhone 3G found itelf unexpectedly posted on Craigslist. The asking price was $430, which surprisingly was a pretty competitive price for a like-new iPhone with no pesky AT&T contract requirement. I had four offers within the hour, another five or so by 4:00pm, and $420 cash in hand by 8:00pm. Though I didn’t intend to do so when I woke up Tuesday morning, I sold my beloved iPhone. Not to worry, though. The iPhone 3Gs (the new model) was ordered and scheduled for delivery before I went to bed.

So, in all, I sold my current model for $420 and bought the new one with a cool new featureset for $435. Not a bad upgrade for $15, huh?


One Response to iPhone Mania!

  1. Grandma M says:

    Uh, it doesn’t appear that the geeky baby is watching the correct screen! But I’m sure just being close to Daddy was worth it all. And only you could sell one item and get another and pay out just $15! I’m always amazed at that.

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