Gimme a Zune!

Taking a break from the hillarious “Laptop Hunters” line of commercial spots, Microsoft has decided to throw a little love to the Zune. What’s that you say? Oh no, I can see why you would think that. But the Zune actually is still on the market. Seriously.

Here we have Wes, a “Certified Financial Planner” (and former Donald Trump “The Apprentice” cast-off),  to explain the cost benefits of an iPod vs. a Zune. Apparently “a lot” is more expensive than “a little.” Sure, the Zune subscription model is a fabulous deal, and even we Apple fanboys wish iTunes would do a subscription service, but I can’t really imagine many people throwing out their iPods just yet.

And is it just me, or does anything else think it’s weird that Microsoft keeps featuring great-looking product shots of Apple hardware in all their commercials? Think about it. They don’t show one product shot of their own Zune player. Not even one to balance the lovely iPod they put on screen. Genius.


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