What’s up with the silent treatment?

Hey guys, I know posts have been few and far between on thegeekydad of late. Here’s the skinny. I’m really busy. I’m having to go into serious time-management and personal-priority mode right now, and I’m afraid posts to this blog aren’t as high up on the list as playing with my daughter!

Also, I’m using the scraps of free time I do have to put together another blog with a daily podcast for people going through P90X. Since that one will be locked to a daily release schedule for blog posts and audio podcasts, I’ve got to get at least 30 of each ready before I launch it. I don’t want to start it, but then get behind and mess up the “daily” aspect of it. So, I’m currently half-way through scripting the first 30 segments of that.

Not to fear, this too shall pass. I’ll continue to post cute and exciting things about Abigail, who is now 11 weeks old, if you can believe it. I may just have to skip the geeky things for a few weeks. Bear with me!


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