Costco Loves Geeks

Monday, my wife called me at work and asked if I knew what was wrong with the TV. “What? My gorgeous 42″ HDTV? A problem? What’s that you say?”

Apparently, my friend, the Vizio 42″, had undergone a horrible acid trip. The picture was there, but it looked like an infrared image of only pink, yellow, and turquoise. I’d never seen anything like it. I got home that night and tried a few tricks, but nothing worked. My LCD seemed to be filled with LSD, and it was a goner at 2.5 years old. Curses!


But wait! I bought the set at Costco in 2006, before the infamous TV-return-policy overhaul of ’07. I called them, told them my TV died, and they said, “No problem. Just bring it back and we’ll refund your money or set you up with a new one.”

Seriously. Costco gave me full price back on a 2.5-year-old purchase. I couldn’t believe it. I was able to slide directly into a brand new 47″ LCD TV for a grand total of $0. The bigger, better set was the exact price of the smaller one a few years ago. Score!


5 Responses to Costco Loves Geeks

  1. Troy says:

    What?!?! What is this TV-return-policy overhaul you speak of? What was the policy that you qualified for, lifetime replacement?!?!

    • Allen says:

      Yeah. Back in the day, Costco would just accept a return on a TV for any reason, at pretty much any time. People took such tremendous advantage of the policy that they had to change it. For example, some losers would buy a TV, and then return it a year later to get the newest model. And again. And again. I actually joined Costco originally to buy this TV because of the policy, not because I wanted to take advantage of them, but it added a nice layer of protection on my first HDTV purchase.

      Their new policy is still the best in the biz. They offer free two-year, in-home service, repair, and replacement now.

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