New Backup Solution: Carbonite

As you’ve read here from time to time, I’m a bit of a computer backup junkie. After losing some data last year, I vowed never to let it happen again, especially with our baby pics and videos. So, I’m always on the lookout for good backup solutions.

I have a great system at home, but I needed an easier way to do offsite backups than simply moving external hard drives back and forth between work and home. Offsite backup is a crucial part of any backup plan, however. What good would it do me to have three copies of all my data in my home closet if my house burned down? I’d still lose it all.

So this week, I’m checking out a free trial of Carbonite. I’ve heard of Carbonite for a while, but they only recently released a Mac version. After hearing a couple of ads for it on my favorite TWiT podcasts, I thought I’d check it out.

Basically, it is a simply program that you install and set up once, and then you never think about it again. You tell Carbonite what folders you want to back up on your computer, and you’re done forever. From then on, it automatically backs up whatever is in those folders to Carbonite’s online storage servers. And it backs it up regularly, whenever a file changes in a folder marked for backup.

You can back up all your documents, photos, movies, music and more. Seriously, there is no space limit. And, you do it all for one price a year (about fifty bucks). No matter how much stuff you put online, you never pay more. It’s a sweet deal and a great offsite solution.


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