One Arm Typing: A Tough Act to Learn

It has been humorously pointed out to me that had a lot more content back when I was just “geeky,” and not a “geeky dad.” Well, it’s true. I can’t argue with that. My posts have been few and far between the last month, except for the occasional batch of picture postings.

What’s the deal? The deal is that I can’t type one handed. You see, Maryalice is still recovering and, although I personally think she’s doing a phenomenal job, she needs some rest. Our beautiful little angel is going kind of rough on mom in the eating and sleeping department. So, our current family activity goes something like this: I get home from work, work out and shower, and grab some dinner with Maryalice at about 6:30. By 7:00, Maryalice hands me Abby and heads off for a nap until 10:00 p.m. At 10, she gets up and I go to bed to get my beauty rest for the next day’s work. Weekends, I try to get Maryalice to rest as much as possible while I take care of everything.

Now, Abby has a pretty consistent wake/sleep schedule right now. As part of that schedule, she’s wide awake from about 6:00 p.m. until after her 11:00 feeding. That’s daddy time. So, with a bright-eyed baby in one arm demanding to be fed all the stinking time (kid eats as much as me), that leaves no room for typing out insightful blog posts in the evenings.

I’ll try to do better, but I’ll be honest. Abby needs me more than you do right now.


2 Responses to One Arm Typing: A Tough Act to Learn

  1. GH says:

    Your blog is quite impressive. Cool layout, high pagerank and all. What is your secret sauce? There are definitely much to learn from you.

  2. The NEW Grandma M says:

    Women have been doing things one-armed for ages. It can cause issues, but you eventually find your stride. Looks like you’re getting the hang of it. And of course, what an excellently beautiful reason to have this issue!! xoxo Abby!

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