Obama Seeks Economic Advice … From Twitter?

Okay, I like Twitter. I have an account, although I rarely post to it, and I “follow” several tech pundits and podcasters. It’s a useful tool to get a quick look at what’s going on in the areas and with the people I’m interested in.

That said, Twitter has an enormous user base and makes absolutely no money. Over six million users strong, Twitter has never unveiled a business plan. Their only income comes from investors, who are simply throwing money at the captive eyeballs and trusting Twitter to emerge with a practical way to monitize those members.

Today, the White House has asked Twitter founder Ev Williams to join a small group of young business leaders to have a chat about the economy. Seriously? Says Ev Williams himself, “Going to the White House tomorrow for a meeting about the economy (which must mean they’re really out of ideas).”

Source: www.businessinsider.com


2 Responses to Obama Seeks Economic Advice … From Twitter?

  1. Troy says:

    Strictly a PR move. They don’t really believe he’s going to offer any good ideas or advise. “What are the kids into now-a-days?” “MyFace, Tweeter, that sort of thing.” “Ok get those guys here, that’ll keep the little snots quiet.”

  2. Allen says:

    Actually, Obama is familiar with Twitter. Or, at least his aides are. “He” was a heavy Twitter user during the campaign and is still the number one person on Twitter.

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