Fun With Photo Booth

Apple has introduced many wonders into the world of personal computing and home electronics, but I believe no single piece of software has sold more Macs than Photo Booth, Apple’s simple, silly little photo application that makes playful use of the built-in camera in most modern Macs. If you walk into any Apple store, you’re sure to see at least two or three people with the Photo Booth application running. They’ll be easy to spot. Just look for the people giggling and making funny faces in front of the computers.

That said, Abby and I were playing with Photo Booth on my MacBook tonight. The results made us laugh, so I thought I’d share a little Photo Booth love with the world. Enjoy.








4 Responses to Fun With Photo Booth

  1. Made me laugh too…so cute

  2. The NEW Grandpa M says:

    This is truly “dad/daughter” stuff… I love it! It so reminds me of stuff I would pull with Maryalice. And it only gets better.

  3. The NEW Grandma M says:

    Okay, the kid’s not even ONE month old & you have her “worshiping” at the backlit altar!! No wonder her eyes are crossed. Poor baby! I’m SURE Mommy would disapprove of this baby abuse!! Harruummmpphhh! (ROFLMBO)

  4. jaggedsmile says:

    Actually, Allen was caught making those faces by himself. He just Photoshopped Abby in to make her the scapegoat.

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