Betrayed by Pampers

pampersWell, after a little over two weeks of dodging the friendly fire, I finally got tagged last night. While laying on her back in my lap last night, Abigail let loose a dark conspiracy that caught me off guard. It was the kind of “dark conspiracy” that went up her back, down her legs, and over, under, around, and through anything that got in its way. Sadly, my shirt and pants were in the way.

After emergency action, a bath for baby, and a shower for daddy, both father and daughter are resting comfortably.

Et tu, Pampers Swaddlers?


6 Responses to Betrayed by Pampers

  1. Jill says:

    LOL…expect many, MANY more of those days!!! Isn’t parenthood wonderful?!?!

  2. Troy says:

    ya we had to shop around to find some that worked for Ethan. all diapers are not created equal.

    Ethan projectile vomited in my earhole once. neat story.

  3. Mom says:

    The first of many experiences. Get Dad to tell you about the time I left you and Jill with him and he had problems all the way down the hall to the baby bed trying to get to the wipes and diapers. Of course, we had cloth diapers at the time which presents a whole new set of problems. You couldn’t just throw them in the trash.

  4. that will be the first of many. newborn’s often have explosive poop!

  5. The NEW Grandma M says:

    That is why babies are wrapped in so many layers! It is the only way to catch those “moments”. If you remove too many layers, you increase your chances. It can be a fun game of “will I get the prize today?” I know it horribly dates us, but disposable diapers came on the market between Maryalice and her brother, JJ. Just think what NO elastic around the legs could provide in leaking possibilities!! We figured it was easier and less leaky to just use the cloth diapers with the plastic outerpants over them. Every Sunday in the Nursery, we play this game and often have these exciting results.

  6. Mike says:

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