Photo and Video Gallery Changes

Now that I’ve grown accustomed to Apple’s iMovie software and MobileMe gallery, I’m making some changes to how we handle videos on the site. From now on, all photos and videos will be accessible through the “Gallery” link in the top navigation of this site. That will open up the photo page you may already be accustomed to. However, now you’ll see videos in the gallery, as well, under the “Movies” heading.

That’s where I’ll post the little family and friend videos I make. I’ll probably still use YouTube to insert the videos into blog posts, but I’ll also archive all of these videos to the online gallery for easy viewing later. I can also make the videos accessible for download through the gallery if necessary. I’ll hold off on that for now, though.

Please let me know if you have any trouble viewing the gallery page. If you experience an issue, let me know what the problem was and what internet browser you’re using. Thanks!


2 Responses to Photo and Video Gallery Changes

  1. Eric says:

    Totally minor thing, but… is there any way to set the RSS feed settings for the mobileme site so that it puts each photo as an RSS item, instead of just saying that an album was recently updated? (i.e. see here: thegeekydad gallery RSS feed ) As an example of what this would look like, here’s how my flickr items feed shows up: ericonceaday RSS feed.

    I prefer to look at pics in RSS, as opposed to in the mobileme gallery. The Gallery seems to load slowly (firefox 3.0.6, win xp) and there aren’t any keyboard shortcuts to move through the pics… but it seems to look at the pics, I’m pretty much required to end up back on the actual Gallery.

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