The Cake That Should Have Been

This is hands-down the best baby shower cake that has ever been crafted by human hands. I can’t believe I didn’t think of this. Click the picture to read the full story on this masterpiece and to see a large, high-res image in all it’s sprinkled glory.

Dark Side Cake

Thanks to my friend, Jeff, for sending me this.


3 Responses to The Cake That Should Have Been

  1. Maryalice says:

    The Geeky Husband is still bitter I won’t let him name the baby Leah Wedge. Not that it matters at this point, as I don’t think this child will ever be born.

  2. Allen says:

    Behold! The late-night comments of the sleepless, expectant geeky mom! Everyone knows that Maryalice brought just as much Star Wars geekery into the marriage as I did. She’s just scared of her Dark Side.

  3. jaggedsmile says:

    I refuse to believe MaryAlice has a dark side.

    Maybe a grayish, slightly soiled side….but NEVER a dark side.

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