Quick Look: New G.I. Joe Movie

UPDATE: The full official trailer can now be viewed online. Check it out!

Entertainment Tonight recently showed the first moving shots of the upcoming G.I. Joe movie. Hard to tell anything from these 12 seconds, but at least it reminds me of how cool Snake Eyes was in the cartoon when I was a kid. Embedding was disabled for this video, so you’ll have to watch it at YouTube.

Also, if you missed them, the studio premiered a bunch of one-sheets highlighting six different characters in the film. You can view them all by clicking Snake Eyes below.

Snake Eyes


3 Responses to Quick Look: New G.I. Joe Movie

  1. movieshero says:

    cant wait for the movie.

  2. David says:

    Hey, I just saw this on Apple’s site. This is the official first trailer: http://www.apple.com/trailers/paramount/gijoeriseofcobra/

  3. Soon to be Grandma M says:

    Interesting, where is all the 100 lbs of gear usually being toted by REAL military guys. I mean, I like the bare torso as a female, but it’s so unrealistic. I do want to see the movie tho’!

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