Simple Geek Pleasure of the Week

We’re getting our hospital plan together. Maryalice has her bag all packed and ready to go, so the least I can do is get my hospital geek bag in order. I know we’ll need a laptop and camera for the initial pics and email access from the hospital. We’ll need our phones, and maybe Maryalice’s iPod. All that’s great, but it also means we’ll need power. And hospitals typically have important life-saving equipment plugged in to al of their

That’s right. I’m about to be a father, but I stopped to think about the shortage of power outlets we’re sure to face in the hospital room. Uh, hello? GEEKY dad, remember? I wouldn’t be much of a geek if I didn’t consider the power source for our must-have gadgets, right?

That’s why I picked up a great little product called the Monster Outlets to Go Power Strip. It’s just a basic four-outlet power strip, but it is light, compact, and made to travel. The cord wraps around the strip for compact packing, and it’s ready to pull out of your bag at a moment’s notice to turn a single wall outlet into four power sources. No lines. No waiting.

Hotels and hospitals NEVER have enough power outlets to provide the juice we need for all the stuff we “have” to carry around with us these days. If you travel at all, or if you’re preparing for some hospital time, I suggest you check out the Outlets to Go.


One Response to Simple Geek Pleasure of the Week

  1. Blair Moore says:

    I must say that I personally enjoyed the nice balance of geeky and dad in this posting. Way to keep everyone happy!

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