Another Mouse in the House

A while back, I revealed my shock and horror at having a stinkin’ mouse loose in my lovely home. It was a mighty battle that lasted throughout the day and involved me, my wife, an exterminator, and my two cats. It didn’t end well for the mouse.

Well, last week, the builder in the neighborhood cleared the lot across the street from my garage to start a new house. Guess what that means. That’s right: another stinking mouse sought refuge in my home. Much to his dismay, he found no safe sanctuary there.

Once again, the cats dutifully alerted us to an intruder, this time in our fireplace. We heard him squeaking around in there, and Maryalice finally saw him pop out and try to climb up our fireplace screen. With two cats on the other side of the barrier, he apparently decided to drop back down and establish his home in the fireplace.

After an emergency trip to Lowes for more glue traps, I got to work. Now, we have a fireplace with the standard mesh curtain and then a free-standing fireplace screen in front of that. The mouse only had two means of exit: one, up the chimney and out through the roof; or two, out the front of the fireplace and into my living room. So, I put a total of ten glue traps between the fireplace and the fireplace screen. That’s right. Ten. I called it the Patio of Doom. It was a little rodent minefield.

Fortunately, we caught the little critter before bed. He got stuck in one trap and then tried to escape by crawling into a second trap. There was apparently some faulty mouse logic at play. I once again took care of the clean-up duties, but let’s just say it didn’t end to the mouse’s satisfaction.

Filthy vermin.


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