Apparently, I Have Pokies

I got to spend a couple of days with my brother’s family this week. I see them maybe once a year, so seeing my now-three-year-old niece, Meagan, is a rare pleasure.

As they were leaving this morning for the drive back to Arkansas, Meagan ran over to give me a goodbye hug and kiss. I kissed her little cheek and she stepped back, gave me a concerned look as she touched her cheek, and said, “Ow. You have pokies!”

It’s true. I have pokies. She was referring to my stubbly chin, a malady she has recently cured her father of.

I imagine the day is quickly approaching when my own daughter will necessitate the removal of my pokies. I’ll miss them, but presumably, it’ll be worth it.


One Response to Apparently, I Have Pokies

  1. Brent says:

    My daughters never wanted me to shave the “pokies.” I’d always take their hand run it over my goatee or beard and now, if I ever shave it all off, they freak out and demand the stubble.

    While I freely admit that the Dads-of-Daughters fraternity initiation requires that you do all sorts of things that will, ahem, cause you to embrace your feminine side, this particular one isn’t necessary.

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