All That Glitters…

I once heard a wise comedian give a solid, if not crass, piece of advice to all husbands far and wide: “Never get the stripper with the glitter.” The logic is simple: there’s no hiding the glitter that inevitably appears all over your clothes and face.

Now, thegeekywife never has to worry about me coming home with stripper glitter stuck to my person. However, I’d like to provide an equally important, less crass version of this little life principle: Never get the Christmas tree with the glitter.

We did not follow this piece of advice. We chose the beautiful, pre-lit artificial tree with the charming snow and glitter accents. It looks great. It fits the space. It has thrown glitter all over my house. And my wife. And my cats.

I’ll be pulling this out of the carpet, furniture, broom, vacuum, drapes, and litter box for months.

Ho, ho, ho. And pardon the pun.


2 Responses to All That Glitters…

  1. hthr says:

    We have Christmas glitter issues as well. I’ve been sweeping it up 10x a day for over a week now. I think I’ve almost got it all…maybe.

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