P90X Day 1: I’ll Live to Fight Another Day

I’ve mentioned that I’m starting an intense 90-day fitness program called P90X. Well, today was Day 1. I’m not going to use this blog to talk about my P90X experience too much, but I will comment on my first day.

First, the diet. I ate really well today, and it feels good. My standard pile of refined starches, sweet tea, and diet cokes was replaced with a hearty amount of protein, plus an apple, carrots, grapes, raw almonds, and a big salad with dinner. I wasn’t really hungry or deprived all day. In fact, one of my friends going through this with me expressed some concern about actually being able to eat everything we’re supposed to eat a day. It’s really a lot of food, but the right kind of food. Tony Horton, the creator of P90X is fond of saying, “The body doesn’t run on exercise; it runs on food.” It’s a good thought.

Breakfast was probably the hardest. I’m coming off the diet sodas, which is a bit rough. For years, I’ve started my day with a 44oz Diet Dr. Pepper from the wonderful On the Go gas station by my office. I love that place. I love that frosty beverage. But it’s gone! Hopefully that will get easier. Also, for the first morning in years, I did not have a giant cinammon swirl bagel and handful of mini-wheats to start my day. I love that stuff, but I have to admit it put me in a carb coma early in the day. Again, I think I can manage.

Today’s workout was intense. It is simply called “Chest and Back,” and it’s basically an hour straight of pull ups and push ups. I did a lot of 4-5 rep sets of push ups, many of them on my knees instead of my toes. I feel no shame. How many push ups did you do today? The pull ups, however, got the best of me. I can’t do a single one unassisted. So, I did as many as I could of each set with one foot on a chair to support some of my weight. This is a common situation with people just starting the program. I’m not that concerned with how many I can do today; I’m more interested in how many I’ll be able to do in three months.

I’ve been very public with my decision to do P90X, and I’ve joined with close friends to work through it together. I’ve done these things because I want to remove any chance of quitting this thing. I need to get in better shape. I really believe this can do that.

One day down, 89 to go. Bring it.


4 Responses to P90X Day 1: I’ll Live to Fight Another Day

  1. William says:

    You go Al! It’s going to be great when you’re done!

  2. P90X is a tough program. It’s good that you’re taking it seriously. Keep it up!

  3. John Patota says:

    Thanks for your Blog. When my P90X came today I had to dig rignt in so I did the UML workout- and found myself draging. Now reading the book that comes that comes with the DVDs it seems like I should have started with Power 90 first to get in good enought shape to even start P90X. don’t remember that from the infomercial.

    I’m not giving up by anu means- it just makes me more determined to follow in thru.

  4. David says:

    Proud of you for doing this man! I can hardly imagine you walking into your office without that Dr. P! What do you know…your body may end up decomposing when you die afterall.

    Seriously, way to go Allen! I look forward to hearing the results and who know? I may be inspired to get up off my lazy butt and do something too.

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