Time For a Change

I have a pretty unique job. I produce materials that help people get out of debt. I help them take control of their money by living by common-sense principles. Dave Ramsey calls it “God’s and grandma’s ways of handling money.” It isn’t rocket science, but it does require one key ingredient: discipline.

So, in a way, my job depends on the discipline of others. If they aren’t fired up about getting out of debt and taking control of their money, I can’t help them. No matter how much they wish they were in a better place, no matter how much they dream of a better life, nothing will change without the discipline to make a change. Dave says that saving money is about emotion and contentment. “You’ll never save money,” he says, “until it becomes very, very, VERY important.” He’s right.

If it’s true for money, it’s true for health. You see, I’ve learned to engage a tremendous amount of discipline in my personal financial life, but my health hasn’t been as lucky. I’ve fallen into old, sloppy, lazy eating and exercise habits. I spend a lot of time in front of a computer or TV screen with a diet coke in one hand and a sleeve of saltines in the other. My midsection is soft, my back is getting sore, and my energy levels have plummeted. It’s time for a change.

Starting December 3, my life will be a bit different. I’m taking the same focused intensity that changed my financial life and I’m applying it to my body. My best friends and I are embarking on a 90-day diet and fitness plan that, if all goes well, will jump start new health and fitness habits that will replace the garbage in, garbage out way of life I’ve grown so comfortable with.

This program, P90X, is going to be tough. Honestly, it will probably be harder for me than the financial overhaul was 3.5 years ago. I don’t expect it to be easy; however, I do expect results. At the end of the day, I just want to be able to chase my daughter around the house and not have to worry about getting tired, winded, and sore. I just want to play. Starting a family at age 34 means I need to be a bit more proactive about exercise and energy levels than my 24-year-old counterparts. I don’t mind getting older; I just don’t want to feel like I am.


3 Responses to Time For a Change

  1. marianna says:

    That’s awesome … but right before all the Christmas goodies?! You go, boy.

  2. Soon to be Grandma Morris says:

    I’d make that 1/3/09 personally! I couldn’t resist the Christmas good-times!!!

  3. Rick says:

    Hey Allen, A buddy of mine and I are looking into the same thing. He actually already started but wants an accountability partner and the recent pictures of me at Thanksgiving say I need to do something!! Let me know how it goes and good luck!

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