Too Geeky?

I’ve been told that has become waaay more “geeky” than “dad.” That’s true. I can’t really deny that. What can I say? I get excited about coming up with ways to sync folders across multiple machines! This isn’t; it’s thegeekydad!

Nevertheless, it’s a fair assessment. The truth is, we’ve got three months left until Abby’s arrival. I’m sure that, after that, I’ll have plenty of daddy news and introspection.

Truthfully, I’ve been too busy to blog much anyway. Between freelance, outstanding baby showers, assembling 300-pound bookshelves, and getting my head ready for a baby, I haven’t had many personal pontifications to share lately.

Fear not, faithful readers. I’ll have some insights in the near future. In the meantime, enjoy some more brilliant geekery. I’m sure my mind will be filled with “sugar and spice” soon enough.


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