New X-Men Cartoon Update

Warning: Toon Geek Info Ahead

Apparently, parts of the world (not the U.S.) are already watching the new  “Wolverine and the X-Men” cartoon. I call foul! It looks pretty good, and I need a replacement for the great Justice League series that went off the air a couple of years ago (the DVDs are a fair substitute for new episodes, though).

Marvel posted some updates about the X-Men show, including some spoilers about extra characters we can expect. The full article is below. The news you may most be interested in, however, is that NickToons will begin airing the show in the U.S. in January.

From Marvel:

Viewers can expect to see familiar faces in the upcoming Wolverine And The X-Men episode “Time Bomb.” The episode, which features the X-Men and the Brotherhood coming to blows over a dangerous mutant, sees special appearances by characters Psylocke and Nitro. The episode is written by Len Uhley based on a story by Craig Kyle and Greg Johnson. Steve Gordon directs.

In related news, Marvel revealed yesterday, in the company’s financial report for the 2008 third quarter that 26 additional episodes of Wolverine And The X-Men are currently in pre-production.

The first 26 episodes of Wolverine And The X-Men, produced with India’s First Serve Toonz, have been completed and will begin airing on Nicktoons in January 2009. The series has already begun airing airing in many markets around the world, including Canada and Latin America. Marvel Animation Age can also confirm that Wolverine And The X-Men will also begin airing on the Canadian network Teletoon in January 2009, effectively airing on two Canadian networks simultaneously, YTV and Teletoon.

There are no further details about the second 26-episode order. However, Nicktoons Network is expected to pick up the broadcast option for them, and the talent involved in the first 26 episodes is expected to return.


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