Three Quick Tech Updates That Make Me Happy

GOOD: Netflix “Watch Instantly” Feature Coming to the Mac

I love Netflix. I keep a constant stream of movies, cartoons, and old TV shows flowing through my house at all times. There’s always something to watch, even though there’s rarely time to watch it. Even better than the mail service, however, is the “Watch Instantly” feature Netflix rolled out about a year ago. This allows you to stream pretty good quality video of over 10,000 titles instantly to your computer. Got an urge to indulge your 80’s teen angst favorite? No problem. Fire up Netflix and hit “Watch Now” and you’re neck-deep in Rob Lowe and Molly Ringwald—if you’re using Windows, that is. That’s kind of a big limitation for us Apple fanboys.

However, Netflix announced last week that they are rolling out Mac support for “Watch Instantly.” Let the Steve Jobs drones rejoice! Now we can all enjoy an episode of the A-Team on a whim at any time! Read more at Macworld.

BETTER: iPhone To Get Mobile Podcast Downloads Without Syncing

It is absolutely ridiculous that my iPhone can surf the web, get email, buy apps, and download music wirelessly wherever I have a good connection or WiFi, and yet it cannot get the latest episode of TWiT, MacBreak Weekly, Buzz Out Loud, or GeekBrief without tethering it to a computer. Didn’t anyone at Apple actually think people would want to update their podcasts from their phones while sitting in an airport or a waiting room? Geesh.

However, news broke last week that the next iPhone update will most likely add this vital feature. That’s good news for those of us who thought it should always be there. Forget the great “Cut and Paste Debacle”; I just want mobile podcasting. Read more (with pics) at Apple Insider.

BEST: Netflix and Tivo Bring “Watch Instantly” to My Den!

Okay, this is similar to the top story above, but much cooler. Soon after Netflix grants me the ability to watch movies instantly on my Mac, they’ll empower my Tivo Series 3 with the same magical abilities. That means I’ll be able to watch tens of thousands of movies on my big screen, from my sofa, through my Tivo any time I want. Even better, it won’t cost me an extra dime! Read more at NYT.

All in all, it’s a good year to be a geek.


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