Terrorized by a Mouse

I’m a big guy. I’m 6’5″ and 215lbs. I’m well educated. I’m even tempered. I’m generally calm and controlled. All of that means nothing at the moment, however, as I find myself terrorized by a little brown mouse loose somewhere in my house.

Maryalice saw the little vermin after I left for work this morning. My two cats got in on the action and tried to earn their keep, but apparently had little success. The exterminator could find absolutely no trace of a mouse at all: no droppings, no entry  point, no scratching… nothing.

I currently have 16 glue traps and three bait traps scattered across the house. This little critter is totally freakin’ me out. I can’t enter a room without checking all the baseboards first, and I’m keenly tuned in to anything the cats find interesting right now.

I’m such a baby. I loathe myself.


4 Responses to Terrorized by a Mouse

  1. Eric says:

    just loathe? not megaloathe?

    Heather and I had a lizard get in our house, and seriously, I’d be sitting at my computer, go get a drink, come back, sit back down at the computer. He’d be under a nearby chair, just watching me. freaked out.

  2. Troy says:

    Ya we did that fun game last year about this time. 3 mice infiltrated our house, and we hunted them for at least a week. I finally cornered one in my closet at about 1 in the morning and bludgeoned it to death. It was fairly gruesome, but I was pissed. The others were taken care of by the old fashioned spring-trap-o-death.

  3. […] Mouse in the House A while back, I revealed my shock and horror at having a stinkin’ mouse loose in my lovely home. It was a mighty battle that lasted throughout the day and involved me, my wife, an exterminator, […]

  4. Daynica Schmaynica says:

    I informed my cat this morning that if she gets hungry enough, she’ll eat the mouse. No more kibble, time to be a real cat!

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