Apple Event October 14: Time for Some New Notebooks!

Almost as exciting as feeling my daughter’s healthy kicks for the first time is the news that Apple will host a keynote event on October 14. The media invitation to the presenation reads simply, “The spotlight turns to notebooks.” Obviously, then, Apple is either unveiling significant changes to its Macbook line, or it is releasing a new Trapper Keeper for the 21st century. My vote is for a new or improved Macbook.

I’ll post a spoiler-free link for this one just like I did last month’s iPod event as soon as Macrumors creates the forum. For now, here are all the details from Macworld:

Apple is turning its attention to its notebook line of computers, as the company announced a special event being held in Cupertino on October 14 at 10:00 am.

“The spotlight turns to notebooks,” reads the invitation sent to select media on Thursday, announcing next week’s event. No other information was given, but it’s obvious what Apple will be announcing next week.

The event to introduce new notebooks comes just over a month from when the company rolled out new iPods. The “Let’s Rock” event saw a new iPod nano, iPod touch and iTunes 8, among other things.

The release of new notebooks will set Apple up with a new computers, iPods and iPhones before the lucrative holiday shopping season.


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