My DISC Personality Profile Revealed!

Okay, I’ve already explained what the DISC profile is and what each of the four letters represent. Now, for the big reveal, the unmasking you’ve all been waiting for! Now you get to see what’s wrong with me!

Let’s look at my DISC chart. I have an extremely high C. In fact, it’s to the top of the box. That means that I’m all about rules, details, information, and order. I’m slow and steady, and I take a while to collect information before moving on a decision.

My D and S are about even, which is actually interesting. My high C and D would naturally lead me to roll right over other people on the way to take care of a task, but my S causes me to slow down and consider the impact my actions and decisions make on others. Honestly, I stay conflicted about that a good deal of the time, because I want to collect information, complete a task, and take care of those around all at the same time. Sometimes, I end up stepping on my own toes.

The constant, however, is that tiny, little-bitty I on the bar chart. I swear, my I looks like a sad, flat little poker chip sitting on the bottom of the box. That I shows my aptitude for social interaction. And, I can’t object. I have a really hard time in groups of new people. I’m not the life of the party, I don’t go looking for new gatherings, and I am most comfortable in small groups of people I know really, really well. This is something I struggle against almost every day, as I strive to follow the biblical model of living in community with others. That stupid low I is what has been keeping me from knocking on my new neighbor’s front door for three weeks now.

The DISC profile report sums me up this way:

  • Always looking for logical solutions.
  • Always concerned about quality work.
  • Objective–“The anchor of reality.”
  • Suspicious of people with shallow ideas.
  • Accurate and intuitive.
  • Presents the facts without emotion.
  • Proficient and skilled in his technical specialty.

“Presenting facts without emotion” gets me in trouble sometimes with the geeky mom—and rightly so. That’s the part of my personality that most concerns me as I step into parenthood. This is what’s on my mind lately, so you’ll hear more about it later this week. Welcome to my mania!


4 Responses to My DISC Personality Profile Revealed!

  1. Troy says:

    “‘Presenting facts without emotion’ gets me in trouble sometimes with the geeky mom…”

    I hear ya brother, I’m in the same boat there.

    I’ll also say that from working with you, I know that your summation of working the details towards the completion of the task, then slowing down and worrying about others is very true, and in that order. Makes for a terrific project lead for a web project though!

    And your sliver of an I makes you my hero.

  2. valerie says:

    allen- there is nothing like becoming a parent/ or being a parent that makes you look at yourself and want to be better! this is consistently on my mind- wanting to model Christ for my kids, wanting to always say and do and react and respond in ways that are good for their hearts.. but, you know, if we were perfect- our children will not see the need for a savior! i have gone on longer than i intended- all i wanted to say was you and maryalice will be amazing parents. we have been praying for abigail, love her already, can NOT wait to meet her, and watch you and your sweet wife on this journey to parenthood. (i have never learned more about God than through this experience!) YOU WILL BE GREAT!

  3. ben says:

    Hey we’re DISC twins.

  4. ebrown says:

    Hey Al, you know I couldn’t say anything because I already knew about your bizarre “Beaver-ish” tendencies. For those reading, I do not mean that Allen goes out and chews on trees or dams up streams during his spare time. I like to use the Lion, Otter, Beaver, and Golden Retriever personality tags. It’s easier to remember and more fun to use in public 🙂


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