iTunes and the Remote App Rock the Whole House

I just came across an article at that brings a whole new level of usefulness to the iPhone and iPod Touch Remote App. This article shows you how to walk from one end of the house to the other, switching speakers as you go for uninterrupted listening from room to room to room.

If you’ve got a computer upstairs, TV in the den, laptop in the kitchen, and a stereo in the family room, you should check this out. Here’s an excerpt:

The days when a household had one central stereo in the living are long gone. Today you’ll find receivers and speakers scattered throughout—and sometimes, outside—the house. Yet, as many of us move from room to room, we switch one music system off and another on. Wouldn’t it be simpler to feed each system the same music and channel it to different rooms as you move around the house? And, better yet, have a way to control what plays and on which speakers?

Of course you can. And you can with some tools you might already own. Here’s how.

Read the full article at Macworld.


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