New Ultrasound Pictures and Video Are Up!

Okay, we must have been extremely lucky in the first ultrasound we had done six weeks ago. In those shots, I could immediately see what was what. This time, I can hardly make out anything. I saw a foot at one point, and her little legs crossed at the ankles in front of her, and some other human baby landmarks, but overall, I was lost. I wish Google Earth made an ultrasound program so that I could better navigate what I’m looking at.

Baby Zombie!

Baby Zombie!

I did, however, get this outstanding shot of Abby looking straight at the camera, just like her mom does. Unlike her mother, she was doing her best zombie impression with the blank stare and her limp little hands out in front of her.

Regardless, the docs saw what they needed to see. They said she has really long femur bones, which is a sign that she’ll be tall with some long stems. Go figure.

I’ve updated the photo section with the clearest shots from the ultrasound and added the whole video to the video page. Click the picture on the right to jump straight to the photo page, or use the Photos/Video button in the top navigation. Enjoy!


4 Responses to New Ultrasound Pictures and Video Are Up!

  1. Jill says:

    This is the greatest Zombie picture I have EVER seen!!! And to think, she’s your kid!!! She’s already starting out like her dear old DAD being the comedian of the family.

  2. Jeremy Granger says:

    You have a daughter!!! Congratulations! Oh man this is intense!!

  3. Grandma M says:

    The US is so AWESOME!! I wish they were using the new 4D technology, it would be more clear to the nontrained eye. But let me tell you, as a nurse, the most recent video is simply amazing. Seeing Abby moving around and to even see her little individual fingers and toes and the features of her face, Wow! Words fail me. Excuse me while I wipe away a few tears of joy!! I can not wait to hold her.

  4. Lydia says:


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