This Just In: CNN Thinks Nashville is Full of Idiots

And really, after the RIDICULOUS gas situation this weekend, who can blame them? My relatives and friends around the country reported no gas shortage at all anywhere else. None. Zero. Zilch. The gas pumps are overflowing with milk and honey all over the country, except Nashville.

This is especially annoying to me, because my wife and I both work 25 miles from our home. AND we usually get gas on Friday afternoon or Saturday. Can you see where I’m going? Yep, one of our cars is stuck at the office because we didn’t have enough gas to get home and there wasn’t a drop left in town to refill. That is borderline infuriating.

Awesome quote from CNN:

He likened it to Southerners rushing out to stock up on bread and milk when they hear it might snow. As stations began running low, the situation snowballed, he said.

Good one, South. This will definitely make us look better to the rest of the country.

Come on, Nashville. It’ll be okay. Just calm down. Take a deep breath. And stop filling up your leftover Y2K emergency gasoline barrels in the back of your pickup while I’m just trying to get enough gas to get home. Geesh.



4 Responses to This Just In: CNN Thinks Nashville is Full of Idiots

  1. Maria says:

    This is such BS. I live here – and we’ve run out of gas here before. Probably two years ago.. (anyone correct me if I have the date wrong.) People panic because its HAPPENED.

    I don’t know of anyone who hoarded gas – and as for the “rumor” – I heard it on the news. After the storm there was a report that said we would run out of gas by friday – so fill up before then. I filled up on Monday – as a matter of fact- I bought HALF the gas I usually do, because I had only used a half tank.

    The story just doesn’t add up. Reportedly we only have a 20% shortage due to the storm. I can tell you that the people who topped off their gas tanks are not the same people who “stock up on milk and bread every time it snows.”

    Anyone who believes that a simple shift in the day that we all fill up, is enough to empty 80% of the gas stations in town? They reported “hour waits” for gas.. I know people who spent two hours – before Friday at 5 pm when it got bad.

    Next time every gas pump in your city is covered in plastic, and they have to have policemen at your pumps, you’re welcome to laugh about it. Frankly, the fact that ONE state is having a problem, and specifically ONE city – makes it clear to me that people need to look a little closer instead of automatically assuming that we’re a city of morons. I may not be from here – but I don’t walk around looking down my nose at everyone – and assume that because there’s a serious economic problem that’s magnified in our city – that we must have a city comprised of nothing but morons.

    There are at least a few smart people in this city – they’re the ones getting away with charging you 4.25 a gallon – then make light of it on the news (and report it at 3.85).

    The fact that CNN minimized the reality of this story is upsetting, and whats worse is that our neighboring states are participating in simple minded bigotry. I’m sure when it happens in their cities THEY won’t be a “bunch of dumb _____” (fill in slur of choice.)

  2. Maria says:

    I just had to add an interesting statistic I heard.

    If 85% of stations are out of gas, and the places that do have gas report that they’re selling 4 times the gas they usually sell… Did reporters not do the math here – or am I the only person who sees this as completely obvious?

    Over a quarter of the stations are out of gas, therefore the ones that do have gas will sell four times more – lol…

    OF COURSE it’s our fault – we still have jobs to drive to on Monday. Nothing irritates me more than denial and finger pointing. Yesterday they joked about it – today they report it might not be back to normal till the end of the week.

  3. Grandma M says:

    Interestingly, here in Duluth, Georgia (near Atlanta), we ARE seeing gas stations out of gas. Basically, the premium & mid grades are gone at most places, but many stations still have regular. Although, I have seen more stations completely out since I started looking. It still is not as bad as you are describing there. Because within a day or two they get a shipment and the regular is available again. We just recently returned from a vacation to Virginia, and didn’t see any problems until we got to Georgia. Maybe it IS a Southern thing?!!

  4. Robert says:

    I can tell you that it isn’t just Nashville that was going crazy. On Sunday, I stopped about 5 times on my drive back to Nashville from Atlanta and only one station had gas…regular only. And these were smaller towns. Atlanta is STILL in a major gas shortage. Just crazy.

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