Nashville’s Out of Gas

I just got back from 1977 what appears to be the last gas station in the state with any fuel left. Every station in the Brentwood area was completely out last night except for one, which seemed to have a four-hour line going a quarter mile down the street in two directions. I have never seen anything like this.

This morning, after driving past a couple of empty stations in my small town, Spring Hill, my lingering gas fumes led me to a gleaming mirage standing tall in the distance: “Kroger Gas, $3.99.” Hallelujah! Of course, I had to wait about a half hour in line, but I was lucky enough to find it fast. The line was stacking up behind me, covering two streets in different directions.

I’m not sure what the situation is like in your town right now, but be prepared. Is it a real outage, or are crazy people creating a self-fulfilling prophecy of an oil shortage? Who knows. Either way, I’m home bound for the weekend.


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