Back on the Treadmill

After a couple of years of enjoying the soft, cushy, un-exercised belly of a thirty-something American male, it’s time to get back to the gym. I figured it was either time for me to start running again or to start a new “baby bump” photo album showing my own expanding waistline right alongside Maryalice’s. Of course, she’s got a baby in there. I just have oatmeal cookies, pizza rolls, and Sonic Blasts in mine.

We joined the recreation center in Spring Hill this week, and it is outstanding. If you live in the city of Spring Hill, either on the Maury or Williamson county side, you’re eligible to join for $225 per year for the whole family. It’s a brand new facility with a weight room, rows and rows of ellipticals, treadmills, and stationary bikes, an indoor pool, an outdoor pool, two racquetball courts, basketball court, and an inside track. It’s pretty sweet.

I tell you this so that you can keep me accountable for hitting the treadmill at least three times a week. I used to LOVE running outside before I hurt my neck. Now, it’s hit or miss as to what sends me to the floor screaming in geriatric arthritic neck pain. It’s true. I have the neck of an 80-year-old man. Turning my head side to side creates a noise not unlike the knuckle-cracking sound of a bendy straw. Will the treadmill send me writhing once again? If you see me walking around bent over like a question mark anytime soon, you’ll have your answer.

Day One: 2.25 miles. I’m not dead yet.


2 Responses to Back on the Treadmill

  1. Grace says:

    So does this mean you’re going to do the Music City 1/2 Marathon?

  2. Allen says:

    I would actually love to, but Maryalice won’t let me run on pavement anymore. She’s had to suffer through my dramatic, crippled whimpers over my neck after street running before, so I’m grounded, so to speak.

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