Week 18: Fancy Footwork

The baby kicked tonight. We had just finished eating dinner when Wedge decided to let mommy know what he/she thought of the calzones. Maryalice shot me a weird look, put her hand on her stomach, and said, “Wedge just kicked me.” That was the first hello. The first of many, no doubt, that I’ll have to trust her on. Sadly, geeky dads are left out of certain parts of the game at this point, I guess.

Apparently, a baby’s first discernible kick feels like “a little fish head bumping against the side of the bowl.” Oooookay. Again, trusting the wife on that one.

It’s pretty weird to have a baby in there kicking around, but I can’t really see or feel or interact with him/her at all yet. On one hand, it’s kind of depressing. On the other hand, it makes me want to be closer to my wife than ever, which is a blessing.

This is the stage when this whole thing becomes real. I’ve seen the ultrasound pictures, I’ve watched the baby jump around in there on video, and I’ve heard the heartbeat; but this makes it even more real somehow. We’ve got a baby in there. A real person. A tiny human. A little her and a little me. Wow.


2 Responses to Week 18: Fancy Footwork

  1. Troy says:

    That’s so much fun! Before long Wedge will be doing step aerobics at 2 in the morning and Maryalice will be wishing you could “experience” it instead of her. Ethan kicked me in the ribs in the middle of the night once (that’s right, through the womb he was already rebelling). I thought it was awesome, but apparently it was the crescendo of a 30 minute performance that, though entertaining, was keeping her up.

  2. Mom M says:

    AWESOME!! While it may get tiresome to have continuous movement at night, it still is one of the most incredible things to feel the baby move inside you! They always are awake at night when you stop moving and are lulled to sleep by your movement all day. Obviously, this is why they sleep all day and are up all night when they make their appearance – it’s been their schedule for 9 months already! I can’t wait to be a Grandma!!!!!

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