Minor Milestone: 1,000 Page Views in a Week!

This is no big deal to you, but pretty interesting to me. I launched this site last Tuesday, and just a few minutes ago, I had my 1,000th page view. That’s a lot more traffic than I expected for this site (especially in the first week).



Part of this was because of Google, which I’ll write about tonight or tomorrow. I’m learning some interesting things about how Google works. Good times.

Anyway, big thanks to you, #1,000… whoever you were.


6 Responses to Minor Milestone: 1,000 Page Views in a Week!

  1. Troy says:

    Show off. I just hope that by commenting enough on here and having my name link to my blog, I can leech off of your success.

  2. Robert Bruce says:

    Seriously. Who knew geekdom was so cool? I’m closing in 800 after 6 weeks!

  3. Michael says:

    Your mom must know how to clear her cookies. 🙂

  4. Allen says:

    Wow, that’s like the worst “your mom” joke ever.

  5. Maryalice says:

    One of the reasons I married Allen was to leech off of his success. Go, baby, go! Other reasons include his good looks, dry sense of humor, and the fact that he always opens my doors for me. Always! Geeks can be quite charming.

    And if anybody sees any cookies that need clearing up, Wedge and I want to know about it.

  6. Mom M says:

    Just give me the dough – who needs baking? My preferred uncooked substance is Chocolate Chip Cookie dough, freshly mixed up – YUM!! I did almost choke on the “your mom” statement. You know how Dad M says that all the time! Pretty funny to hear someone else say it. Altogether pretty impressive!!

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