Old School Geek: Greatest American Hero MOVIE!

Okay, it’s time to really live up the “geek” in “the geeky dad.” As a kid in the 80’s, I absolutely LOVED The Greatest American Hero TV show. It was the best “reluctant hero” show ever, and I have great memories of sitting in front of the TV soaking it all in. And that theme song. Geez. It was stuck in my head for 20 years before they released the entire series on DVD (and yes, I own it).

Today, I read that there is a major motion picture in the works. I love that and I hate that. I’ve seen many old favorite TV shows go down hard in recent films. I’m looking at you, Miami Vice, SWAT, and Charlie’s Angels. However, I love the idea of seeing this kind of innocent, charming, totally clumsy and clueless hero unleashed for a new generation. Could be great. Could suck with wild abandon. Time will tell.

More info at scifi.com.

Okay, and for you younger readers who were more tied to the 90’s, maybe this clip solved the mystery of George’s answering machine. (Thanks, Jeff, for the reminder!)


4 Responses to Old School Geek: Greatest American Hero MOVIE!

  1. Jeff Moore says:

    Thank you SO much for solving the mystery of where George’s answering machine song came from on Seinfeld! I recognized it as such during the musical introduction. I guess that makes me a 90s geek.

  2. Allen says:

    Yeah, I’m a huge Seinfeld fan, too. Awesome reference.

  3. ebrown says:

    OK Al, you gotta follow up with a “where are they now”. I’d forgotten Michael Paré was on GAH. He went on to do Streets of Fire and Eddie and the Cruisers, but where is he now? Inquiring minds want to know.

    And how about Connie Seleca, and William Katt…and the others?


  4. William says:

    LOVED that show! Didn’t know about the possible movie – here’s hoping they can pull it off!

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