Top 10 Reasons Why I Hope Wedge is a Boy

With two weeks to go until we find out the baby’s gender, I’ve been thinking about how my life will change either way. So today, I present the top 10 reasons why I hope Wedge is a boy:

10. Chances are high that a little girl would wrap me around her little finger.

9. I’m a total geek and gadget hound, an obsession more often shared among males.

8. I don’t want to learn how to play “Pretty Pretty Princess.” I look horrible in a tierra.

7. A daughter would look silly in a Spider-Man T-shirt.

6. I know my wife secretly judges me for having tons of super-hero cartoons on my Tivo.

5. I need another guy in the house. The wife and two female cats are outnumbering me. Oh, the drama!

4. My default baby nickname is already “little buddy.”

3. I really want to call this kid “Wedge” for a while.

2. I’d rather teach a boy how to be a man than teach a girl what to look for in a man.

1. Transformers are making a comeback, and I feel like an idiot standing in the toy aisle at Target by myself. Sometimes I murmer, “Yeah, I think he’s old enough for this” just so the nearby moms don’t think I’m a total weirdo.

Nothing earth-shattering here, but I’m a simple man. Tomorrow, of course, I’ll post the top 10 reasons why I hope Wedge is a girl.


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