Apple’s MobileMe and Me: It Works!

MobileMe has, with little question, been Apple’s most botched and embarassing product release ever. It just didn’t work, something that spat in the face of Apple’s “It just works” motto. Mail was getting lost. Calendars weren’t syncing. Photo albums were crashing. In the mad vision to launch iPhone 3G AND iPhone software v2 AND MobileMe all on the same day, something choked. It was just too much to shove down the tubes, I guess.

That was about six weeks ago. Since then, Apple has been doing massive clean up work, trying to polish this thing into something useable. Along the way, we saw Apple standing up and, with uncharacteristic humility, say, “Yeah. We screwed this up.” When else has Steve Jobs himself EVER admitted to making a mistake?

So, in a time when Apple is backtracking and giving weary MobileMe users free months of service as an apology, when the whole Apple world is griping and the whole Windows world is snearing, what did I do? Yeah. I totally bought MobileMe.

I’m giving it a test run. So far, so good. If you’ve seen the photo and video pages of this site, you’ve seen a very minor touch of MobileMe and iWeb, which is a pretty sweet combination for creating and hosting media-rich websites. I now have an iDisk on all three of my Macs that gives me 20gb of storage in the cloud, and some sweet syncing software to keep all of my info in sync across all my machines and iPhone. So far, so good.

But the best thing? The really coolest thing so far? “Back to My Mac” has sprung to life. MobileMe, combined with my Airport Extreme N router at home, lets me remotely control my home iMac and PowerBook from my work machine, my work and home machine from my laptop, and more. That means that, wherever I am in the world, it’s just like I was sitting in front of my home computer. That’s pretty useful. “Back to My Mac” was a promise that fell flat a year ago. Now, I use it every day. Sweet geeky goodness.

Long post just to talk about a new product I’m trying out. I wanted to throw it out there, though, because of all the bad press it’s been getting. I’ll keep the none to one of you who are interested in this posted as I play around with it. For now, I can’t speak for everyone else; but I know for me, MobileMe just works. Kinda.


4 Responses to Apple’s MobileMe and Me: It Works!

  1. Michael says:

    how does it work with your gmail? does it make gmail “push”?

  2. Allen says:

    It does absolutely nothing with Gmail. I suppose I could make it push Gmail IF I auto-forward Gmail messages to my MobileMe email address. It would then push it like any other MobileMe email. However, push isn’t a big factor for me. I even have it turned off on my MS Exchange work email account. It would ding every minute if it delivered each work email in real time for me.

  3. Troy says:

    “we saw Apple standing up and, with uncharacteristic humility, say, ‘Yeah. We screwed this up.'”

    Ya, so, not really. Jobs admission of fault was in an internal email that was leaked to the public. Their public facing commentary seems to skirt around the issue:

    “Apple did not acknowledge any specific problem with the sync and storage service in its e-mail or the support document it posted Monday…”

    At first they insisted there were no problems, and only after the noise of the complaints was deafening did they announce that they were making “improvements”.

    We do agree on one point, however: that humility is uncharacteristic of Apple. Why bother being humble when you are better than everyone else by such a huge margin?

  4. Allen says:

    Possible. However, if I’m Steve Jobs, I never send an email to anyone, especially the whole company, without the expectation that it will be leaked.

    Besides, the two emails that went out to customers with the extension had admissions of fault. See

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