Seriously? A Midwife?

Biblical shepherds and medieval farmhands were delivered by midwives. Today, we have hospitals. And doctors. And hand sanitizer. I’m a civilized man of the 21st century. How, then, can the offspring of the geeky dad be brought into the modern world by Braveheart’s nursemaid?

When Maryalice first mentioned it, my mind went straight to the image of a toothless, humpbacked Old English gal, sporting a dirty brown potato sack shawl and chanting, “Push ‘im out, missus! Push ‘im out, missus!” while my wife squirmed in the bathtub. Apparently, times have changed.

Guys, there’s a whole mess of reasons to support your wife’s decision to deliver with a midwife instead of an OBGYN. Check the stats and do your homework. Chances of a difficult childbirth and C-Section go way down with a midwife. Even more importantly, the comfort level between the mother and the health care provider go way up. I’m finding that to be the biggest selling point so far.

Our midwife is a well-qualified, well-recommended physicians assistant who specializes in midwifery. Her office is part of one of the most lauded baby hospitals in the state, and the delivery will actually be in the hospital. Doctors will be swarming outside, but won’t enter the room unless the midwife hits the panic button. Then, the place will be crawling with docs ready to jump into action.

Obviously, the top-of-your-head answer to your pregnant wife should always be, “Hey, that’s a great idea, baby!” This time, however, the stock answer is a good one. Just make sure the midwife has all her teeth.


2 Responses to Seriously? A Midwife?

  1. Holly says:

    Michelle did an amazing job bringing Chase into the world and eased Daddy’s apprehension by making him turn a baseball game on! Can’t believe its been 6 years!

  2. Mom M says:

    Midwives are some of the most wonderful people you can find. They are either advanced trained Registered Nurses or Physicians Assistants – both of which are excellent clinicians. I have found in my 21 years of nursing that both are usually quite good and without the God complex often found in the basic MD makeup. I think it’s an excellent choice and am proud of you guys for making use of the profession. I can’t wait to meet the midwife when I come up for the delivery!

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