Dave Ramsey’s Common Sense Plan for Fixing the Economy

September 30, 2008

Dave Ramsey is promoting what he calls “The Common Sense Fix” for correcting the economic mess we’re in. All Americans are looking for a solution, but most citizens did not like the proposed $700 billion bailout at all. In fact, I’m told that about 90% of the calls and emails that our representatives received about the proposed bill took a strongly negative stance. Personally, I know I was not that excited about going into the subprime mortgage business with my tax dollars!

This idea will get a lot of promotion over the next several days. Get in on the action by checking out Dave’s plan and sending your thoughts to your state representatives today!

Read all about it at daveramsey.com!


My DISC Personality Profile Revealed!

September 30, 2008

Okay, I’ve already explained what the DISC profile is and what each of the four letters represent. Now, for the big reveal, the unmasking you’ve all been waiting for! Now you get to see what’s wrong with me!

Let’s look at my DISC chart. I have an extremely high C. In fact, it’s to the top of the box. That means that I’m all about rules, details, information, and order. I’m slow and steady, and I take a while to collect information before moving on a decision.

My D and S are about even, which is actually interesting. My high C and D would naturally lead me to roll right over other people on the way to take care of a task, but my S causes me to slow down and consider the impact my actions and decisions make on others. Honestly, I stay conflicted about that a good deal of the time, because I want to collect information, complete a task, and take care of those around all at the same time. Sometimes, I end up stepping on my own toes.

The constant, however, is that tiny, little-bitty I on the bar chart. I swear, my I looks like a sad, flat little poker chip sitting on the bottom of the box. That I shows my aptitude for social interaction. And, I can’t object. I have a really hard time in groups of new people. I’m not the life of the party, I don’t go looking for new gatherings, and I am most comfortable in small groups of people I know really, really well. This is something I struggle against almost every day, as I strive to follow the biblical model of living in community with others. That stupid low I is what has been keeping me from knocking on my new neighbor’s front door for three weeks now.

The DISC profile report sums me up this way:

  • Always looking for logical solutions.
  • Always concerned about quality work.
  • Objective–“The anchor of reality.”
  • Suspicious of people with shallow ideas.
  • Accurate and intuitive.
  • Presents the facts without emotion.
  • Proficient and skilled in his technical specialty.

“Presenting facts without emotion” gets me in trouble sometimes with the geeky mom—and rightly so. That’s the part of my personality that most concerns me as I step into parenthood. This is what’s on my mind lately, so you’ll hear more about it later this week. Welcome to my mania!

The DISC Profile Defined

September 29, 2008

For the past few months, I’ve been thinking more and more about what goes on inside my head, how I see the world, how I react and respond to other people, how I express emotion, and so on. Truthfully, parts of my personality and natural inclinations bug me a lot, and other parts of my personality bug other people. I suppose I’m wondering what kind of father I’ll be—beyond the geekery, that is.

This is something I will probably post about later this week as I work through some ideas. As a primer, however, I thought I’d come clean with you and reveal my DISC personality profile. For those unaware, the DISC assessment, as defined by Wikipedia, is “the four quadrant behavioral model based on the work of William Moulton Marston Ph.D. (1893 – 1947) to examine the behavior of individuals in their environment or within a specific situation. DISC looks at behavioral styles and behavioral preferences.”

Basically, the DISC assessment asks a series of questions and then plots your personality type in a quadrant model. The four quadrants are:

D – Dominant. This depicts a hard-charging, bold, bottom-line driver. This is your typical “GO GO GO” business leader, who takes care of business and gets results, but often leaves a trail of broken bodies behind him. The D person is task oriented and fast moving.

I – Influencing. This depicts the good natured, expressive, emotional, and outgoing person. This is the life of the party—and there’s always a party. The I person loves people, loves being around people, loves meeting new people, and draws energy from interactions. He is people oriented and fast moving.

S – Stable. This depicts the steady, loyal, amiable, and calm person. The S person is even tempered, hates conflict, and wants everyone to get along. He’s slow to act, but loves people and values close relationships. So, he’s people oriented and slow moving.

C – Compliant. This depicts the detailed, logical, factual, and analytical person. This is the one who is often characterized as resistant to change, too rigid, and much too reliant on routine and details. The C person is the rule follower, and always knows as much about the subject at hand as possible. This person is task oriented and slow moving.

I’ll follow up tomorrow or Wednesday by posting my DISC results and what they mean. If you’re a blog reader who actually knows me, instead of just a welcome guest who found me on Google, these results may explain a LOT. In the meantime, I’d be interested to hear your DISC predictions. Let’s hear it, people… what do you think is wrong with me? Respond in the comments. Friends from work who’ve seen my chart, don’t spoil it!

Photo Update: New Baby Bump Picture

September 28, 2008

We uploaded a new picture to the Baby Bump album in the photo/video section. I think my two girls are looking wonderful, don’t you agree?

The New Knight Rider: Vomiting on My Childhood

September 27, 2008

Okay, back to old-school TV geekery for a moment…

I loved the original Knight Rider in the 80’s. For a geeky kid, the thought of a talking, sarcastic, hot set of high-tech wheels was more than the 10-year-old mind could bear. Sure, the stories didn’t hold up well over time and they’re tough to watch now, but the show will keep a soft spot of my heart forever.

Well, welcome to 2008. This year, NBC thought it would follow the indulgent failure that was 2007’s Bionic Woman remake with a similarly ill-conceived, hopeless remake of Knight Rider. I watched the “special event” two-hour movie that served as the pilot for the show last spring. Remember when you were a little kid, and you and your neighborhood friends would put on skits and plays for your parents? Yeah, the Knight Rider movie wasn’t that good. Would the actual series premier be any better?

No. Granted, I didn’t watch it, as my Tivo was already busy with Bones (love it) and Dancing with the Stars (don’t judge me; see previous post). However, this diaper bomb of a show got the absolute worst reviews of any geeky show in memory. I clung too long to the desperate hope that Bionic Woman would get better. I won’t make that mistake again with Knight Rider.

But why believe me? Here’s one of the best TV show reviews I’ve ever seen, from Mania.com:

Could a single episode of any television series be worse than the Stride Gum episode of Smallville? The answer is a resounding YES. Is this series a slightly more adult remake of the old animated television series MASK? This car transforms into a couple of versions of the car plus a pickup truck and who knows what else. The film that was supposed to kick this series off last year was pretty bad but it looks like an Academy Award winner compared to the series that followed with this premiere. The series feels like one of those really cheaply made series like Time Trax that plays on basic cable at 2 am. The transformation effects are horrible with the only worse effect being the blue flames shot from inside the car to the tailpipe. It’s just impossible to believe this is a real network show.

Fear not, David Hasslehoff. Your memory–and your legacy–will live on.

The Most Disturbing Thing You’ll See This Year

September 25, 2008

This is neither geeky nor techy nor parental. However, I simply had to share this with you, my dear friends of the interwebs.

As part of my uncanny, superhuman, husbandly responsibilities, I watch Dancing with the Stars with my wife. She watches so much bad TV for me, I have to give her this one. So, while watching Tuesday night, we witnessed the most horrifying thing we’ve ever seen: an 82-year-old Cloris Leachman dirty dancing.

Watch this if you dare… but you’ll never look at your grandmother the same way again. Skip ahead to 2:12 in the video to get right to it.

Pizza: Packed with Prenatal Goodness

September 24, 2008

The geeky mom likes pizza. Normally, that’s a taste that I will not only indulge, but encourage wholeheartedly. Papa Johns. Pizza Hut. Papa Murphy. Amore in Spring Hill. Mellow Mushroom. Delicious.

Pizza is a central tennant of our relationship. Because I’m such a picky eater, I thought pizza would be a safe first date dinner for us. Little did I know that suggestion would ignite such an inextinguishable flame of passion in my soon-to-be-wife. Later in our relationship, Maryalice gave it to me straight: “You had me at ‘Mellow Mushroom.'” I’m a genius.

Lately, however, our pizza enjoyment is changing. Apparently, the geeky baby likes pizza, too. A lot. I mean, a LOT. There have been no midnight runs for pickles and ice cream, no demanding cries for avocados and peanut butter. Instead, there’s pizza… or calzones… or stromboli… or more pizza. Forget the flowers, the most tender, touching gift I can bring home these days is a large pepperoni with half sausage/half ground beef.

I fear for my 25-year love of pizza. This pregnancy is pushing my pizza enjoyment to the limits. I feel like a champion competitive hot dog eater, carefully balancing indulgent cheesy goodness with race-to-the-finish-line obsession.

Tonight, we try a new pie: Joey’s House of Pizza in Spring Hill. Will Joey’s satiate the mad cravings of my gorgeous (and amazingly fit), pregnant wife? No, it won’t. But that’s cool. I don’t mind having a marriage based on faith, love, and pizza.